"He attended Middlesex Community College in Edison, New Jersey to study writing and liberal arts. When he told a professor about his goal to become a successful entrepreneur, the professor told him to settle for something more realistic. “I got offended by that," says Roberts. "I said ‘I’m going to show this guy.'" 
- Forbes

​"By finding a niche in fashion and cutting out the middle man to give the people what they want at an affordable price, one person was able to become bigger than most start up companies."
​- The Source

"A modern day Renaissance man"
- Rodney Williams, CMO & EVP of Brands, Moët Hennessy USA ​ 

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About Brian, Author of The Same Day Startup eGuide

Brian Roberts is a writer, speaker and Forbes-featured former fashion entrepreneur. He's guest lectured on entrepreneurship at Rutgers University, Penn State and more. Brian is a columnist for Inc. and contributing writer for Time, Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, Business Insider and others.

His former fashion accessories brand (he sold grillz and other hip-hop jewelry) was featured in Hypebeast, Complex, XXLThe Source and more. Brian's volunteer work with local business owners and college students led to honors from Congress, the U.S. Senate and other government agencies.

As a consultant, he's worked with Shell, Garmin, Shopify, Motel 6 and others, and has interviewed everyone from DJ Khaled to Tony Robbins and many more!