About The Ecommerce Guide

Ready for some truth? 

This book was written out of frustration.

Frustration I experienced myself when I first started out in ecommerce. Back in 2013, I couldn't find an actionable guide anywhere.

They were all purported to be actionable of course. Each one was written by a "guru" of some sort who, upon further inspection (i.e., a simple Google search) yielded little to no credible results to back up their claims of success.

All I wanted was a book that outlined the "what to do" and "how to do it".

I read dozens of business books (more like encyclopedia sized tombs) cover-to-cover. And guess what? I'd find maybe 3-4 actionable takeaways at most. Can you imagine the frustration? All that time wasted just for a few "tips"?

I didn't want theory. I wanted steps. An outline. A blueprint.

You know, like those strategy guides you can buy for video games! And in a perfect world, it'd be written by someone who had been there and done that.

But I never found one.

So from 2013 to 2016 I learned the hard way.. through trial and error.

Eventually, my ecommerce brand took off. Then, some time after that, I exited the business.

It was around that time I told myself "Screw it! I'm going to just write it".

This is that guide I always wanted. 

It's short (just 14 pages). It's sweet. It's actionable.

And you'll get instant access right after checking out.

And it's all yours for just five bucks. Why five bucks? Because, like you, I ran a scrappy ecommerce startup once too. I barely had enough to keep my Shopify store on every month. Plus, it sucks not knowing what to do.